Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sorry It's been sooo Long!!

I have not blogged for ages!! So much has been going on, plus my laptop broke so yea!!
Jan was a fab month - because it was my birthday ;) lol it was nice, i had a meal out and saw loads of family that i dont get to see much so that was great! I also was in the hospital, again for antibiotics but it was not for too long so it was ok, but im going to have to have an operation soon to put a tube into my stomach to be able to drain my bladder :( quite nervous lol i know i go into hospital all the time but operations are really risky for people with bad lungs/ low lung function so thats whats scaring me most of all!!! I have to have this op because my bladder has stopped working and i actually cant pee!! So at the mo i have a normal cath so i cant wait to get rid of it!!! This is what it will look like after the op. ( found the least graphic image i could lol) its just below the belly button.

Ok so Feb... i have been in hospital for 2 weeks of IV's AGAIN!!! :( So annoyed with my lungs! they cant really cope off antibiotics which worrys me a bit but i feel great now (i have been off IV's for 4 days ish) But the good news is.... I GOT MY PICC LINE OUT!! Beacuse my port is working again! soooooo happy about this!!!!!!

 This is a PICC Line

This is a port being flushed, its under the skin so no one can see it apart from a scar and a bump under the skin when its not accessed! Its so much better than PICC lines and canulars!

(photos from google cuz cant upload mine for some reason :/  

So its half term... im not going to stress and so any work until i go back to college!! i need a break haha So im gunna go put on my bi-pap and go to bed now :)

Night Night :P