Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Sorry i have not posted for a long time! Been so busy and excited about my trip to Florida! I went to Florida on the 1st November 2013! I had the most amazing time and met some great people! Was deffinatly the best holiday ever! I was really well looked after and felt really safe and comfortable with the people i was with! I miss it so much after being with them 24/7 for 2 weeks! Words cant decscribe how thankfull i am for this chance as it was the main think on my 'before i kick the bucket list' haha and now i have done it! The charity is amazing and im going to be fund raising for them in the future so more people like me get the chance to go on a holiday of a life time! :) Anyways i shall stop boasting about my amazing trip!!! Please support the charity - http://www.nhfcharity.co.uk/

and here are some photos http://www.nhfcharity.co.uk/photos/index.php?sfpg=Tm92LTIwMTMvKiphZTU0NWUxMDAyYTJhMDRlYzMxYjE0NzRlNTIxNjUzZA
i have to put the link because when i put photos on my posts the blog website does not show them?? if anyone knows how to fix this please help! haha

Health update - most people (my family) use this blog and my facebook to keep up to date with my condition / operations! So here we go - i have been in hospial for 10 days (been out 1 week now) because the pesudomonus bacteria that lives happliy in my lungs (slowly destroying them.. haha) has now spread to my kidneys!!! Yes i know how is this possible?!! But it is becasue its the exact same bacteria with the same antibiotic resistance that  my lung bugs have... which made it really hard to treat :/  I have hard core IV antibiotics *dettol ;)* and it seems to have got in undercontrol now thank god! kidney infections are so painful!!! like double oramorph painful haha and it still throbs a bit now! But i finished my antibiotics on Monday so hopefully i will last until at least January without needing IV's for my lungs or my kidneys!!! I have had my date for my Op moved forward to try and help my kidneys out a bit so i having it on January 16th! Please pray i stay well until then!! Then i can get it out of the way!

I have the Brompton tomorrow and the ambo is picking me up at 6am! :( i have got to see my consultant and then go to the ward to get my port flushed which should be fine and a quick trip.

I really cant wait for Christmas! I cant wait to spend time with my family and friends and just relax and not worry about anything :)

So Thanks for reading!


*may update if anything exciting happens tomorrow* haha