Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hi :)
So, since I last blogged I have settled into my new home for the summer really well! I have had a few ups and downs but i'm really happy here overall :) I have been out with my mum and sister and its been nice really :)
Of course my body had to go and spoil my summer holidays as usual... and nop, not with a chest infection but by the loss of the ability to swallow. They call it dysphagia (well thats what it said in my hospital discharge letter haha) So I cant eat / drink anything - even my drool -_- which upsets me a lot but im trying to not let it get to me and ruin my holidays :) I really miss food and its so hard not being able to eat, so isolating. Anyways here are some pictures of my new food..

So hopefully my swallow muscles will improve so I can eat again really soon, it better do anyway!!!
The rest of the summer I still have plans to go to the London dungeons, Rainforrrest café, and harrods oh and Legoland or somewhere like that with my sister :)

I also got my exam results back... I got 1A and 1D :( bit disappointed with the overall D grade but I got 2B's so I only need to retake one exam and I should have an overall B :) but I could of done so much better if I wasn't in hospital before the exam!!! grrr but I will be doing it again and getting at least a B! can you tell im a perfectionist!

Chloe :)