Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Operation + Complications and Jessie J!!


Well alot has happend since i last blogged. I had my op and everything was fine, then 2 days later the tube got blocked leaving me in agony! So i had to go back to A&E to get it sorted, sadly the tube had to be removed and im now waiting to have the surgery again..... not happy but crap happens! I also had to go back into hospital again because i kept bleeding and blood clots kept blocking all the catheters...  so overall i am the most unlucky person in the world lol
 'The Hole' hahah

 Cute Teddy IV sticker lol

My Pet fish ;)

So after all that 'excitement' i went to Wales in half term for a break, and it was actully SUNNY! it was great and we all had a nice time - i think haha, The day after we got back mum took me and my sister to the Allstarz concert and we saw JessieJ Live! omg she is amazing and i love her even more now! haha i can relate to all her songs and her voice is stunning and she has a great attitude and personality.

So yea...... i did my Biology exam yesterday so keeping my fingers crossed i at least go a B :/ but since i have been off so much i dont think its gunna happen.

Something else really random - i got a letter from my local hospital addressed to all my specialists or the other way round i dunno but it said 'i am concerned over chloes increasing interest in her medical treatment and wanting to try new meds' or something along those lines.. HAHAHAHAH of course i am interested! Its my bloody body and my life your playing with so i am gunna ask to try the newest stuff out to see if it works to keep me out of hospital and feel better! Im not just gunna sit back and let them do nothing when i can feel my body declining! I love college, i have friends and family i dont want to be sick!! and if there is a chance a new drug routeine will work then i wanna try it and if it doesnt work then i can stop it... simples but you never know until you try! Also what they dont know is i want to know EVERYTHING and i mean everything about all my conditions as (i know its dorky) but its interesting and its my body! I want to do biomedical sicence at uni so understanding all my weird conditions is really interesting! I might even find myself and my friends a cure one day... who knows hey??? :) Rant over :) haha but fancy writing that letter? LOL interest in her own treatment.... N-E-V-E-R and the most funny thing the reply agreed! aahaha! i want to take what their on please haha!!! ;) that was a joke.. i mean a joke if any Dr is reading this ha!

Chloe :)