Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eve!

I have escaped from the hospital yay!!! I did end up going in as an emergency... was drowning in gunk and physio was not working so i was admitted via resus, suprise suprise. I had a really cool nurse though, so that made it a bit better. I was moved to the CF unit which made the stay a lot better, but was not there for long as a CFer had to go in for IV's too :(  Eventually My infection markers went down and i was finally allowed home 7 days later. 
I had a complication this admission which i am very annoyed, puzzled and worried about. But mum has put me at ease so hopefully it will sort itself VERY SOON! Im carrying on with the antibotics at home which i finish on Thursday :) And i feel better! :)
So Christmas should be great! Me and my sister went shopping the other day and it was SOOO BUSY! But we got what we needed and then relaxed in costa while mum got her hair done! :)
I shall leave you with pictures from my admission and a video of my room... haha i get bored as you can tell!!

Nails :)



Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2013!! I love Christmas! :)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Im so Lucky.....

Well the winter is trully here, i have a cold! Well its the weirdest cold i have ever had....... had 2 days with just a sore throat and was fine. Then  woke up with a blocked nose and a belly full of air becasue my Bi-pap must of been trying to force air through my blocked nose and somehow pushed the air into my belly- dunno how that works though! So then i was really out of breath, but have been getting more and more breathless the last few months anyway so just ingored it and thought the blocked nose was an allergy or something. Then came a weird chestyness - wheezy but with crackles at the end of each breath. My mucus is a lot thicker than normal and my normal is thick as so i am completly filled with real thick gunge that does not shift!!! I have intense coughing fits which do nothing and im getting so tired now. I feel spaced out too a lot of the time too and have a temp. Im on this weird antibiotic called Moxiflocacin, which loads of nursers have never herd of - to be fair neither had i until Brompton gave it to me! Im having extra physio and im trying to do active breathing when i can to shift it, i feel so breathless i cant even eat! So feeling crappy :/ Oxygen saturations were down to 87% this morning but cough assist got them up a bit.

My best mutant friend Lucy has been looking after me though :) Love my Luc :) She is amazballs :) haha

So yea - hope i feel better tomorrow, if not i think i will go in for IV's so i can be well / out before christmas, i dont / cant be in hospital for Christmas AGAIN!

On the bright side my letter has come through from my consultant saying they cant stop my physio which is great - hopefully they will have learnt that from this bloody infection; to be honest its probably partly down to that!!!! All that crap building up brewing bugs in the bottom of my lungs that has now been infected by cold germs is gunna make the situation a lot worse for me now. Im so annoyed at them!! Grrrr haha anyways if i end up in ICU mum will get loads of money haha. SUED! :D 

Anyways I Hope you all have a fab christmas!!! and a healthy happy 2013 if the world does not end ;) lol

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Unless you get it... you really dont get it.......

What people dont understand, they dont / wont believe...
I Cant say i really blame them, if i were them it would be hard for me to believe too. But then again in this particular situation i would probably look a bit harder to find the truth. Listen to the person going through the daily life with a complex condition nobody really understands, and because no one else has it nobody knows what will happen next.

I have kind of had enough of people just telling me to 'stop giving them all that dying crap' when i say i cant breath and need physio and my ventilator on. Because quite frankly if you dont have 26% lung function, then you dont have a CLUE about how i feel everyday and that when i do ask for help i am actually deep down terrified that it will be my last infection, my last fight. I know it sounds dramatic and stupid; but to me and my family who have been told that i need to fight and keep going when im in ADU / ICU its pretty darn scary. Knowing that a chest infection could potentially make me pop my clogs (lol) is always niggling at the back of my mind. And unless you actually get my disease... you just dont get it. No matter how hard you try you will never fully understand. Understand how dam hard it is to get up when you vent is taken off every morning and takes your breath away and you spend the next hour trying to regulate your breathing. Understand how by 3pm your lungs feel so stiff, painfull and heavy every second but you have to put it to the back of your mind and carry on. Carry on and put a huge smile on your face, forget the struggle and live for that day because you can never get it back. Some days it gets too much, the pain gets so bad you actually cant breathe and the only thing you can do is take morphine and sleep, sleep and hope its over when you wake up. Everynight i wake up multiple times - sometimes i pretend im asleep from the night staff haha and i just think - what if this is all just a dream. Ill wake up soon and be a happy healthy 7 year old - or at least be at that stage of my condition before it effected me much.

I really needed to write this, get it off my chest haha how ironic! Anyways... the last few months its been bothering me a lot. Thinking about transplant and how likley  it is for me to get one, college is getting to me a bit and because im so tired all the time im taking things to heart a lot more. Things that i may be taking to personally, that actually dont mean anything at all. And i am going to write about this person, not going to name them because they know who they are, and they wont read this so why not! Basically one of the people i actually trusted a lot is now avoiding me, telling me to shut up with all that dying crap when i asked for help as i could not breathe... and i am basically quite upset about it. Its like i can see her true personality for the first time. But i dont want her to be like this, i hate it!!! I would much prefer to get on with everyone but in life that just doesnt happen. I thought this person new me, new that i would never and actually could never make up being a bubbley drain pipe lungs! I just dont get it.... as i said im soo tired all the time these days that i am probably taking things way to personally. But its just how i feel and this blog is my way of getting it
 out of my system!! haha even if nobody reads the crap haha!!!

But yea... i do have some amazing people around me, mainly my family but also my friends and actually some staff are pretty amazing too - they know who they are :) So yea..... im really really tired so im gunna buzz to go to bed and maby, just maby i will pluck up the courage to give this blog address to my house manager. I would love her to understand and known how im feeling but i cant say it, i have to type it.

Ok Bye!!! haha
Love you all ;)

And yes im thinking up my next naughty plan to cause mischeif in some way. It makes life more exciting ... mwhahahahahahah :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Toe Trouble...

I seriously cant get a weeks peace! haha
I have got an infection in my big toe :( lol And because of my diabetes and low immune system i have to watch it really carefully and im now on more antibiotics to add to my usual daily ones! It actually hurts a lot for such a small body part! haha So yea..... thats a bit of excitment lol who gets a bloody toe infection LOL. Anyways i have to get the dressing changed daily and yea haha.....

Other things going on, i getting my car on Saturday :D so excited, i will be able to go home / out more with my sister and im really happy about this as i miss her LOADS! I will also be able to go and see my best friend Amy at her lil place in Uxbridge (no sure on the spelling!?!) where shes at uni :) cant wait to see her again, miss her all the time too! Love her like a sister <3

The new Car that i can just drive my chair into.

I'm still feeling so tired all the time, and my lungs ache sooo much these days! Hopefully RBH clinic will come around quickly to discuss transplant assessments....

OMG im going to see Nativity 2 on Sat, it will be amazing as i loved the first one too! haha

BYE!! :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Just A Rant to get it off my chest... quite literally!!

When you have any chronic illness it takes a lot for you to actually tell people you need help.
Just now i told someone i needed help in my unique way... lol I said if i can't have my nebs now i will die, as a joke but it also has a serious point. When i say i need physio or nebs, i do. End of. And being told to stop giving all that 'dying' crap and the person walking off really does not help. But also puts me off wanting to ask for help again. And this so called carer is supposed to be my Key Worker..... never gunna happen now lol!

OK rant over - and im fine :)

This Place does stress me out Soooo Much but the good bits are so worth the horrible bits! I love my friends and some care stuff soo much its worth it in the end!

*Edit*  (- the day after)
Last Night The amazing staff sorted me out with physio and cough assist and sats went from 91% on oxygen and Bi-pap to 99%!!! amazing how much mucus can make your lungs worse! - Cant acutally thank them enough for clearing it! Happy Bunny :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Well.... i have been really busy with college work and i should really be doing coursework right now but that can wait a bit. My lungs have been a lot more productive the last few weeks and i think its probably down to less physio - my college will only do it once a day for 5 mins because the 10mins each lung twice daily takes 'too much time'! So i have argued and cried and argued and not got anywhere even though it cause me to need to go in for IV's a few weeks ago! I have found a way to clear some of it myself without getting too breathless, i do lots of deep breathes follwed by huffs and after about 15mins i usually get a good result haha. So i am being more proactive in stopping my lungs get worse but i still think its wrong that they wont do it.

Anyway my sister has decided to dye her hair pink, its mums birthday next week and im gett my new motorbility car on Friday!! So i have no time to get sick! I am more breathless these days and i am kind of fed up with it, plus my morning and evening nebs (all 4 of them) take ages so i have treated myself to a new pari neb!

Its small, plugs into the mains and is portable so now can have my TOBI faster. I used to do my TOBI in my eflow but it makes me cough so much and tastes foul so i have to put it through my old banger neb from peads that RBH gave to me when i was like 13! So when this comes on Tuesday my treatment should be a lot quicker :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Half Term :)

Well i had a great half term and am now back at College :/ lol
On Monday I went to the Harry Potter Studio tour with my family which was amazing!! I love Harry Potter so i thought it was fab! We all went out for dinner at the Harvester after and it was a great family day out! I even had butter beer again, which made me rememebr the time i went with Paige, Kate and Craig from College and Paige dropped her butter beer all over the floor and had to get another one! LOL only Paige could do that! haha

Me and My sister with the Death Eaters..

Me and My sis


On Tuesday i had to go for a CT Scan of my stomach. I have a PICC line so i thought they would just put the contrast dye through there.... how wrong was i!! I had 3 stabbs and 3 canulars later and they got one in! The reg on call had to come and put it in! I was brused and so sore! I had forgotten how much canuals sting in your hand!! oucheee lol!!! I dont think i will take having a perminant line for granted any more! Thank God i have one!! The canual they got in was a small blue one, the pink ones would not go in my pathetic veins, i remember when they could only get yellow ones in! (the ones they use on prem babies!)  So the scan was quite quick i think and the dye felt all warm and tingly as it goes through your body! And it makes you feel like you wet yourself !!! While we were waiting my sister decided to put some rubber gloves on her feet..... and walked up to the ward with them on and my sister and my carer got told of for peeking into the scanning view room where they would of been able to see my insides! But they got told off before they could see :( never mind theres always next time!! I dont get the results untill 2 more weeks when i see my surgeon, so fingers crossed they found out whats wrong!

The rest of half term week was good, i went to Portsmouth shopping and Jamie Olivers Italian with my sister and my carer which was great as i had never been before!! I was great to be at home, see my cat ;) ans just chill and do nothing and sleep!! I have lots of appointments coming up so will post about those next!

Chloe :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's sad to say but money is all people care about...

This week has been so crap for me to say the least. My college - Treloars, yes i am going to name and shame because something needs to be done about it!! Anyway back to whats happened, basically i got really chesty last week when i had just come out of hospital and it was pulgging my airways. If it had plugged off my airway i would not be able to breathe at all. So the house staff gave me chest physio untill the the physio arrived... which happened to take about 45mins. And because the house staff had to do physio for so long they have now said house staff cant do ANY physio on me apart from 2 mins each side each morning and then the cough assist. Ok, well i have been having 10mins each side of my chest for as long as i can remember. And suddenly im told on Friday i am not allowed any........ So as you can imagine i was quite shocked about this - willing to give it a go as it would be great not to have it every night and morning! But suprise suprise aster 2 days with no physio i was drowning.... i could not breathe and the staff were refusing to do anything about it. I went to the Health Centre and they said i was fine, i told them that if we waited i would get a lot worse but they did not listen. And as i predicted i was a lot worse, SATS had dropped 8% lower and i really could not catch my breath. The on call physio came out and was Amazing - cleared me with physio, suction and cough assist and my SATS were perfect after! I was so happy she agreed with me about the physio and that if i had had it i would not of been in this horrible situation.
Anyway my physio came and told me that my usual physio does nothing for my lungs (yea right!) and i was NOT FUNDED FOR THE CARE STAFF TO SPEND TIME DOING IT!!! i was fuming.... so angry and upset that Treloars dont care if the students get sick because they are not funded for an extra 40mins a day to make sure their lungs are clear!! I really cant say how scared i am to be here right now to be honest! There are lots of things wrong with this place, too many to list!
............ Ok rant over! But i do have a few AMAZING staff members that i can trust and i know they will not let anything happen to me :) One of them is leaving and im sure she wont mind me wiritng this but i will really miss our chats! she always knows when there is something up and always manages to get it out of me which makes me feel loads better!!!

So to summerise Treloars is a business and buisnesses are out to make money = End Of. - its a sad but true fact. They just want to make money which makes the staff as well as students suffer....

Ok moan over.... LOL i am determind to fix this problem but unitl then..... i shall try and keep quiet - i am already in trouble !!! haha

At this place i get into trouble for speaking my mind and the truth, and i get into trouble if i dont... so i cant win!!! But i do love my friends and the independace i get here, so i have to weigh it up...................................................

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Endoscopy and Cough Assist

Hello! Well the day after I came out of hospital with my lungs I had to go back in for a planned endoscopy. Basically its a camera put down your throat and into your stomach and the top part of your intestine. I was not allowed any sedation due to my lungs and weak respitory muscles - it would stop me breathing. So i had to do it wide awake, it was horrible to be honest but it only lasted around 4 mins and my consultant was really good. They found i had refulx, which i already knew and gastritis... not sure on the spelling but its inflamation of the stomach lining. So this may explain why i have been having tummy pain! They still want to do a scan of my colon, bowel and intestine so i am waiting for that appointment to come through.
I was in hospital while my parents were on holiday - and still are until tomorrow night and i did it all by myself, i didnt contact them or tell them i was sick because it would ruin their holiday! I am actually quite proud of myself doing it on my own, it proves i can and i can be brave when i need to be lol!!
Respironics Cough Assist
Cough Assist
One thing that has changed this time is that my cough has become a lot weaker, i cant shift anything on my own anymore. My usal chest physio now, i never bring anything up but i can feel it in the bottom of my lungs. Today the care staff told me that the physio had told them not to do my usual chest physio and just do the cough assist. I was, as you can imagine very anxious about this. My chest physio has kept me clear and well for so long i though that if i didnt have it i would get sick very quickly. But instead of my chest phyio i have been borrowing a cough assist macheine. It is great! I actually get stuff up every time i use it and it takes half the time! And i can use it everytime i get a bit rattly and it clears it, or most of it and i feel great after. I never new a macheine could actually cough so well for you! Im seriously looking at asking about getting funding for one. If it will keep me well then im going to go for it!

I have an appointment at the Brompton again on Wednesday so i will update you on the results of that.

Chloe :)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Emergency Hospital Admission in 5 Months!

Well, I'm sitting in my hospital bed bored. Lol My pseudomonas bacteria that I have living happily in my lungs decided they would start to breed a bit more... So my lungs are now over populated with baby bacteria ;). Haha this leaves less room for air or should I say oxygen so I  feeling very breathless at the moment and my lungs feel so stiff. On the positive I know it's not a new bacteria because I don't feel that 'ill' like I do when I have a new infection so that's good news, I also had a lovely shower today so feel a lot fresher and happy. Dad is bringing me in a happy meal later as I can't stand hospital food!!

I am on the usual pseudo  IV antibiotics - ceftaz and gentamicin along with my usual oral azithromycin and inhaled Tobramycin. This lot should kick pseudomonus's ass in so it doesnt flare up again for a while! I'm on my Bi-pap and 02 but getting there! Sorry this post is a bit short, I'm so tired all the time at the moment!


Tangled  in all my wires and tubes!

Bi-Pap and nebbing.. lol

Arterial Blood Gas :(

Night time IV Gentamycin


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

More Questions, DNA and More Waiting.... But Positive :)

Well today was the day. My first appointment at The National, Queens Square London. My Neurologist was amazing! Dare i say it but i think i have found the team who will find out exactly what is wrong!! He did a complete Nuro Exam, checked all my muscles and their strength and took a full history looked at all my previous tests and results, scans and biopsy's. He came to the conlusion that i do indeed have Myopathy, and the wasted muscles in my body which is mainly my legs, trunk, arms and breathing muscles are gone and I wont ever get them back. I was shocked how blunt he was but so greatful for his honesty. He has been the first doctor to say it how it is and i like that, it makes me more determind and know what to expect. I can also tell my OT and Physio at college that they dont need to make me stand in that painful standing frame to try and get me standing again, because it WONT WORK, whats gone is gone and i dont need to go through the pain any longer! Whooo!!!! Although i didnt mind it at the time becasue i thought it might help! So from now on Me, Hoists, electric wheelchairs, slide sheets and carers are going to become my best friends!

 He told me that he thinks i have an underlying genetic disease / mutation of genes (I'm a mutant!) that is causing all my issues so he took litres of blood (haha not really but it looked like it) and im going to have an MRI scan of my leg muscles as they are the worst affected and he wanted to see me in his next available clinic space.... which is in 7 months!!! LOL

They were really good at taking my blood there, first go and they got it! i was amazed! usually takes at least 3 stabs! So overall a really good appointment. Sad that my fears we true but i knew deep down i was progressing but the honesty and compassion from the team encouraged me alot. Im also doing a little experiment for the Team. Becasue all my other doctors insisted my myopathy was from my treatment for my lungs - (i had a form of chemotherapy drug when i was very sick with my breathing and many high dose steroid infusions and now i have been on continuious steroiods for 2 years.) they insisted and would not take any other path into why i had a progressing muscle condition, just said it was 'myopathy caused by steroids' and left me to get on with it. This team are looking at me as a whole person, looking at all my conditions - the diabetes, the lungs, the muscles, the GI system, immune defiency, bones, my liver disease... and i could go on for hours! And i hope they will be the team who will put all the peices together and find the CAUSE, and not just treat each disease as i bloody get them!! So back to the point, im doing an experiment of coming off steroids completely and seeing how my muscles do, if i get worse then he was proven right, if i stay the same then all my other doctors are right. But of course i cant do this if it affects my breathing so i am going to have to be very careful and start the weaning slowly! I will prove him right though because i know deep down that my issues started way before any steroids touched me. And to be honest i cant wait to prove this! If a Expert in this feild agrees with me, and thinks its a genetic condition then We must be right ;)

Another great point that they said today was that if they find the cause, there may be a treatment to slow down progression, which i think is AMAZING! So i am a VERY VERY VERY happy bunny ;)

Thanks for reading my ramble!!! :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lung Pain...??

I get this really weird pain in my lungs at the end of most days and every night with no fail; but some days worse than others and tonight is one of them so i thought i would post about it. Its so weird cuz when i dont have the pain i think to myself - stop feeling sorry for yourself, it cant be 'that' bad and then when i get it, it is that bad lol! Its like a pulled muscle in my lungs/ side of ribs that aches soo bad and it also cramps... like cramp in your leg and i cant catch my breath. - well what breath i actually have in the first place LOL! And then my actual lungs feel so stiff, like they are filled with cement and every breath is so heavy. My o2 sats only drop a little bit but when i get the cramp they drop to the 80's untill the cramp goes then back to my normal - this was with my o2 and Bi-pap last night. When i next get a cramp i will check them again and see if the same happens. But i really dont know what is causing it? Its probs just my worn out puffers having a strop wanting a rest on Bi-pap but then cramping while on my vent is weird. I just ignore it if im out and about and just carry on what im doing to distract myself which i actually do find helpfull! But im not sure how long i can keep this up for as its becoming more frequent now. My MST (slow release morphine) used to be ok on its own but now i need oramorph as well as a top up to help the breathlessness episode and pain. I really want to know whats causing it! I am gunna try to have an hour or two on my bi-pap during the day to see if it helps, it might rest my resp muscles and therefor stop the cramp / pain. Anyways i shall stop my moaning now!!
Hope everyone had a good Weekend!

lots of love
Chloe :)

Oh yea i wanna show you my new SATS and heart rate monitor! PINK! haha

*Edit* i think my lungs knew i was typing about them ....

This was at the start of a cramp just now.. dropped to 78% after, but as soon as the cramp goes away my sats go back to my normal! = strange!
(They only stay like this for about 5 mins, so its ok!)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Back to College...

Thank God it's Friday! This week has been so tiring! The first weeks back always are I think. I had my first week of A-level Biology, and i am really pleased to say i actually understand and enjoy it - well so far so good! My coursework for H&SC though is taking ages, there is a lot of it and i really want to get it over and done with! Its times like this i realise i prefer exams! ( yes, im a geek :/ haha)

My health has been good! Apart from my immune system. My consultant took me off my immune system replacement infusion for 7 weeks to see if i had started making my own cells but after taking what felt like litres of my blood we flound very very little immune cells in my blood. Which means i am not making enough Immunoglobulin cells and my immune system still does not resopnd to vaccines. So at the moment i am at very high risk of infection and im feeling tired due to the lack of immune cells. I feel so much better on treatment so hopefully I can go back on it, this will not only make me feel better but actually help me stop getting infections that a 'normal' health person could fight off. As you know chest infections for me now are very risky, my lungs cant handle it and it puts my life in real danger. We as a family now know to prepare for the worst if i get a chest infection, but i have also learnt to start extra antibiotics as soon as i get any symptoms of infection or a cold and this helps it stop being so severe.

One thing that has upset me this week is  going through my old care plans and things from my first year at college, i use to stand transfer and be very independant but now im hoisted and cant put any weight through my legs or sit up on my own or itch the top of my head! And because i dont have an 'offical'diagnosis of a progressive muscle disease, my OT & physio's (who are new to me every year) ask me to stand transfer or sit on the end of my bed and they wonder why i look at them as if they are idiots! My muscle biopsy was abnormal but they didnt know if it would progress or stay static... and as we have found out it is obviously progressive as the ammount of physio and work i have put in for me still to get worse shows this. This does upset and scare me a litttle but then again, its just something else to make me more determind to suceed in life.

I have my first appointment at the The national hospital for neurology and neurosurgery Squeens Square London on the 2nd October so im actually looking forward to see what they have to say, a fresh pair of eyes on my condiditon might actually give me a diagnosis.... well, thats what im hoping! wishfull thinking i know lol!!!

So overall this week has been ok! I just hope luck stays on my side and i dont pick anything up from these germy college people!! Hahaha!!!

I just want to say that my best friend Amy had gone off to Uni to train to be a kids Nurse!! She will have the time of her life and make an AMAZING nurse!!! I am very jel, as this would be my own dream job so she is gunna have to do it for both of us!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS AMY and Good Luck!! I will be over to your house to invade very very soon!!! ;)

Monday, 3 September 2012

?! Transplant ?!

Transplant... a scary word. We all know that my lungs are in a crap way but when do you decide to risk transplant? A few months back after a really nasty infection which left me in ICU and long hospital stay, all my blood gasses (ABG's) showed i was in type 2 respitory failure. I felt awfull and so tired. I recoverd slowly and 2 weeks after leaving hospital i had a clinic appointment at the Brompton. I saw a lovley consultant and i asked about transplant.. she was so nice about it, explained it to me so well and said if she was in my shoes she would go for it. This made me want to go for assesment even more,she explained it was not a cure, its risky and its swapping one set of problems for another. BUT it can lead to a much much better quality of life and longer life. Then we went on to talk about my other issues..... because we are not 100% sure what is causing all my problems we dont know that if i get new lungs, the same wont happen as it has to my own. The other side of this is that even if it did happen to my new lungs it would still improve and extend my life. It's so hard to try and make the right choices but i suppose you just have to go with your gut instincts.... right???

I will ask about it again at my next clinic, but i think i am going to wait, wait until i have my appointment with my neuro to see if we are getting or going to get any closer to a full diagnosis.

I just dream of the day i can leave the house without having to plan every detail, fill oxygen cylinders, make sure i have had enough time on my vent..... that would be bliss!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer's Ending....

Well, i have had a great Summer!! Only one hospital admission, which was planned and thats it!! I have done loads of great things and spent lots of time with my family.
I have been to Essex and met some of the people from TOWIE which was fun!
 Me and Amy Childs :)
 Harry, Me and my Sister
My Sister and Amy Childs

All of the people from TOWIE were really nice and happy to chat and have photos! I have also been to Thorpe Park, went on nearly all of the rides and got a massive bean bag dougnut - Thanks to Adam Haha! I have been swimming, to a farm, Longleate, BBQ's and been busy most days which is so tiring but well worth it! I went to see JLS yesterday which was Soooo Good!!! I loved it!! and Little Mix, cover drive and i am titch were good too! Would love to go again if i get the chance! AMAZING! :D

I'm back to college next week! :( i will be sad to go back but it will also be good to get back to my bedroom where i can be more indepenant. At home - my house is not designed for wheelchair users at all and i cant do ANYTHING on my own which i hate. My joins hurt so much as it really hard for my mum/dad/carers to transfer from my chair to stairlift and all the other transfers i have to do to get upstiars. Luckly i have hoists in my room and in the living room now which helps a lot :) Im starting A Level Biology and carrying on with my current alevels this year so hopefully my lungs will behave a bit so i can get A's again this year!

I have an appointment at the Brompton in a few weeks so will update on that, will update about starting back at college and who is new to my boarding house and yea... lol

Chloe :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Hols!

Hello Everyone!
Well this is my first Post! Its the summer holidays and im LOVING not doing any work haha!! I have been out of hospital for my record length of time! - 4 MONTHS!! and im still feeling ok! Got a bit more chesty as i have not had any IV's for soooo long!!! I usually have IV's at least every 3 months if not less! I have just started my month on TOBI so that should hopefully keep the pseudomonas and other nasty's undercontroll! I have been out and about a lot!! I even fed a giraffe called Henry yesterday lol! Oh and i have been on my 'Wish Trip' to Disneyland Paris! it was soo good and all of my family enjoyed it! They even have rides you can just drive your wheelchair onto, its sooo good!
Here is a Link to my video with the Pikks

I have also had a few tests at RBH, lung function, sleep study and fitness to fly. My lung function was 26%, im a bit dissapointed as i hoped the IV's and how well i have been would have meant it was higher but i know it will not get higher than that now. My blood gass showed low oxygen levels (suprise suprise) so thats that really. BUT and im allowed to fly!! whoooo but have to go up by 2 litres on my oxygen which is fine, i'll just have to wear a mask as it would hurt my nose!!
Just a bit annoyed that im not actually going to fly anywhere now :( my insurence was WAY to high

Im off to Essex and Thorpe Park next week so that should be fun!

Bye For Now :)