Medication routine..

A Full Average College Day...

8:00am -
Pills -  prednisolone when needed, lansoprazole, cetrizine, mucodyne, laculose, vit BPC, calcichew, domperidone, paracetamol, azithromycin, potassium.
Insulin - Humalin I & Nonvorapid
Inhalers - Nasonex, seretide 250
Nebs-Salbutamol, atrovent, mucoclear, TOBI *month on month off*& then Physio -( if needed)

- Nebs- Salbutamol, atrovent
-Pills - mucodyne, domperidone, paracetamol & codiene if i need it
Insulin - Novorapid

Pills - solafenacin, Warfarin, lansoprazole, mucodyne, laculose, vit BPC, calcichew, domperidone, paracetamol, Montelukast, potassium.
Insulin - Nonvorapid
Nebs-Salbutamol, atrovent, mucoclear, TOBI & then Physio
Inhalers -seretide 250

Every 72 hours change Fentnayl patch
Oramorph when needed

My oxygen is 24/7
Bi-pap at night & rest periods in the day if needed ( normally at least 12 hours a day or i get high c02 - headaches and i behave really weird and dont really know what im doing! scary!!
Once a week - usually Sunday i have my Immunoglobulin infusion which lasts 3 hours.*stopped due to no impovement in immune system :(*
Once every 3 weeks i flush my port and or PICC line with saline and Heparin
Change line dressings / statlock as needed (at least once a week)
Change catheters every 6 weeks

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