Sunday, 11 May 2014

Time Flys!!

I have not blogged in ages! Been so busy with my friends and boyfriend that I never have time! Now I'm in the hospital and have a lot of time on my hands I thought I should do a little update :)
So.... I'm in hospital for 2 weeks of IV antibiotics as my lungs are struggling :/ I'm doing better now it's been just over a week and I can manage time off my ventilator and my pressures are back to my normal :)  I'm still  on a lot of oxygen and my left lung is still pretty  bad  but I'm hoping it will get better soon!  I had an NJ feeding tube  fitted and since I have had the tubes my lungs have been a lot better until now :/
Can't wait to get back to college to be honest! Get back to a bit of normality ( suppose IVs are normal for me now anyways lol)
There is one thing that annoys me so much! My local hospital was great when I was in children's and now I'm in adults the care  is crap unless in on the CF unit! Seriously I should not have to call my specialist in London - Brompton  to tell them to give me my 2 weeks of IVs and not 2 days??  They don't understand bronch and if you don't have CF bronch then you don't get the correct treatment ! Anyway my consultant. Sorted it out and my 2 weeks of IVs are sorted  but they won't let me do home IVs at the moment either ?!  -_- humph. Lol

Moan over and I'm ok so that's all that matters :)  so hopefully if my lungs are not fully  better after 10 days I'm gunna ask for home IVs  to finish the course and then I can be free from hospital!

Bye :)