Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lil Op happening really soon = happy Chloe

Hello :)

So i am in a happy positive mood today, whoooo :) Its only 2 days until the Easter Holidays! - this means lots of chocolate, time with my sister and family :) AND I'm seeing P!nk LIVE in a few weeks i really cant wait! Im also seeing One Direction  next week.... im sad to say i have to suffer this tourture hahaha but its for my sister so seeing her happy is worth it, i love her so much and knowing i cant be with her for her whole life upsets me a lot. Anyway its a positive post!!!! I had my pre-op meeting with the anesthetist this morning and it went really well i think, we are going for a light sedation so i dont have to be put onto a vent, just my bi-pap but she said if my oxygen levels drop too much then i will wake up in the ICU and get weened off the vent slowly. We chose this so my lungs have more of a chance to not need ICU! I knew this anyway so was not suprised. To be honest i am going to do lots of extra physio, antibiotics and nebs so my lungs are the best they can be for the op and hopefully i can go home the day after or the same day! The only bad thing is that it means i have to wait for an ICU Bed to be free for me to go into afterwards... this could take a while :( But i did say i need the op as soon as cuz i am very uncomfortable ALL the time now :(
So after i will have a tube coming out of my belly just below my belly button, which will be 10000% more comfortable than the tube i have now!! and it means i can wear my skinny jeans again, yay!! haha no more leg bag! :) haha the small things make me happy.

So, yea im hoping to get a date for the op through very soon and i will update when i know anything more! here is a link to some info about what im having if you have no idea... most people dont talk about bladder issues but LOADS of people have them, so yea.... i dont really mind posting to you about it, cuz its part of my disease progression and if you know about it you wont be shocked if you see it one day poking out of my shirt lol


My lungs are quite good at the mo... :) still get the random pain but im used to it now, if you need to you can get used to anything! Im on extra antibiotics cuz i have a joint infection.... random i know and only i could get it haha but its getting better now thank God!

Thanks for reading!


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