Saturday, 4 May 2013

P!nk, Surgery and treatments...

Hi :0)

Ok the highlight of my year so far... lol was the P!nk concert i went to last Sunday at London 02, omg she was amazing! From when i first fell in love with her music when i was like 10 to now i understand all the emotions in her songs. Shes amazing song writer and 'Beam me up' and 'Run' are my 2 favs at the mo as well as her more lets say upbeat stuff i listen to when i need an emotional boost. I just have a connection with music that no-one understand. Sad i know but really true. So ok i have some video and photos from the show - AMAZEBALLS! Haha

Full Arena!!!!!!!

      <<<< HAHAHAH

Ok.... so My videos wont upload - suppose you will just have to actually GO SEE HER! haha.

Ok so I will be having my operation on Thursday, So i have started extra toxic drugs Mwhahahah lol no just strong antibiotics that can be toxic - makes it all better you know ;) I have been on TOBI nebulisers to keep my lungs good for surgery and i feel so much better, i think TOBI works really well for my pesudo, it makes me stop being so breathless. So yea doing extra physio and stuff to try and keep me out of the ICU and of the life support as soon as possible really, they have my ICU bed booked now - thats how much confidence they have in my lungs LOL. So yea got that to look forward to plus i have my Biology exam soon! Lots to organise i just have to hope i stay healthy till the summer holidays! So here is a pic of my going crazy after and hour and a half of my evening spent doing breathing treatments....


And to everyone reading please read this lil poem :) Its so true!

And to all my Fellow Lung / CF Friends....... ;)

Ill update after surgery with some pictures if they are not to gross lol

BYE :)


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