Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Prom, Sun and Summer


It was my college prom last thursday and after a long day out in London at the Royal Society i was pooped! But i had a great time with my Juicy Lucy :)

On Friday i had my heart MOT at the Brompton and it was really good! So only have to go back next year, so happy that its all ok and stable :) Just got to keep going with the warfarin and oxygen :)
Its the last few weeks at treloars with Lucy....  :( i am going to miss her loads!!

Now, the gritty stuff. The stuff i hate telling you about - the bad stuff!!! I can no longer get to my bedroom or bathroom in my house due to basically no muscle left in my legs / trunk and the balancing i used to do while mum / dad were lifting me is no longer possible. We could probably manage 1 day, if that so i am going to have to go into a care home........ My college wont let me stay with them even though they are open for 50 weeks of the year and my social worker is willing to fund my placement there with 24/7 nursing staff!!! I just dont get why they wont let me stay!!!! Anyways i looked round a home today and its really not for me! They were lovley but i would have no one to talk to and nothing to do, so im really stressed right now about whats going to happen to me.

On a positive note - its my lil sisters birthday on Friday! We are taking her out in the evening so that will be nice :) Love her and her weirdness... hahah

So yea a bit stressed but looking forward to the weekend with my family :)

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