Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Hols!

Hello Everyone!
Well this is my first Post! Its the summer holidays and im LOVING not doing any work haha!! I have been out of hospital for my record length of time! - 4 MONTHS!! and im still feeling ok! Got a bit more chesty as i have not had any IV's for soooo long!!! I usually have IV's at least every 3 months if not less! I have just started my month on TOBI so that should hopefully keep the pseudomonas and other nasty's undercontroll! I have been out and about a lot!! I even fed a giraffe called Henry yesterday lol! Oh and i have been on my 'Wish Trip' to Disneyland Paris! it was soo good and all of my family enjoyed it! They even have rides you can just drive your wheelchair onto, its sooo good!
Here is a Link to my video with the Pikks

I have also had a few tests at RBH, lung function, sleep study and fitness to fly. My lung function was 26%, im a bit dissapointed as i hoped the IV's and how well i have been would have meant it was higher but i know it will not get higher than that now. My blood gass showed low oxygen levels (suprise suprise) so thats that really. BUT and im allowed to fly!! whoooo but have to go up by 2 litres on my oxygen which is fine, i'll just have to wear a mask as it would hurt my nose!!
Just a bit annoyed that im not actually going to fly anywhere now :( my insurence was WAY to high

Im off to Essex and Thorpe Park next week so that should be fun!

Bye For Now :)

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