Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer's Ending....

Well, i have had a great Summer!! Only one hospital admission, which was planned and thats it!! I have done loads of great things and spent lots of time with my family.
I have been to Essex and met some of the people from TOWIE which was fun!
 Me and Amy Childs :)
 Harry, Me and my Sister
My Sister and Amy Childs

All of the people from TOWIE were really nice and happy to chat and have photos! I have also been to Thorpe Park, went on nearly all of the rides and got a massive bean bag dougnut - Thanks to Adam Haha! I have been swimming, to a farm, Longleate, BBQ's and been busy most days which is so tiring but well worth it! I went to see JLS yesterday which was Soooo Good!!! I loved it!! and Little Mix, cover drive and i am titch were good too! Would love to go again if i get the chance! AMAZING! :D

I'm back to college next week! :( i will be sad to go back but it will also be good to get back to my bedroom where i can be more indepenant. At home - my house is not designed for wheelchair users at all and i cant do ANYTHING on my own which i hate. My joins hurt so much as it really hard for my mum/dad/carers to transfer from my chair to stairlift and all the other transfers i have to do to get upstiars. Luckly i have hoists in my room and in the living room now which helps a lot :) Im starting A Level Biology and carrying on with my current alevels this year so hopefully my lungs will behave a bit so i can get A's again this year!

I have an appointment at the Brompton in a few weeks so will update on that, will update about starting back at college and who is new to my boarding house and yea... lol

Chloe :)

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