Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lung Pain...??

I get this really weird pain in my lungs at the end of most days and every night with no fail; but some days worse than others and tonight is one of them so i thought i would post about it. Its so weird cuz when i dont have the pain i think to myself - stop feeling sorry for yourself, it cant be 'that' bad and then when i get it, it is that bad lol! Its like a pulled muscle in my lungs/ side of ribs that aches soo bad and it also cramps... like cramp in your leg and i cant catch my breath. - well what breath i actually have in the first place LOL! And then my actual lungs feel so stiff, like they are filled with cement and every breath is so heavy. My o2 sats only drop a little bit but when i get the cramp they drop to the 80's untill the cramp goes then back to my normal - this was with my o2 and Bi-pap last night. When i next get a cramp i will check them again and see if the same happens. But i really dont know what is causing it? Its probs just my worn out puffers having a strop wanting a rest on Bi-pap but then cramping while on my vent is weird. I just ignore it if im out and about and just carry on what im doing to distract myself which i actually do find helpfull! But im not sure how long i can keep this up for as its becoming more frequent now. My MST (slow release morphine) used to be ok on its own but now i need oramorph as well as a top up to help the breathlessness episode and pain. I really want to know whats causing it! I am gunna try to have an hour or two on my bi-pap during the day to see if it helps, it might rest my resp muscles and therefor stop the cramp / pain. Anyways i shall stop my moaning now!!
Hope everyone had a good Weekend!

lots of love
Chloe :)

Oh yea i wanna show you my new SATS and heart rate monitor! PINK! haha

*Edit* i think my lungs knew i was typing about them ....

This was at the start of a cramp just now.. dropped to 78% after, but as soon as the cramp goes away my sats go back to my normal! = strange!
(They only stay like this for about 5 mins, so its ok!)

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