Monday, 3 September 2012

?! Transplant ?!

Transplant... a scary word. We all know that my lungs are in a crap way but when do you decide to risk transplant? A few months back after a really nasty infection which left me in ICU and long hospital stay, all my blood gasses (ABG's) showed i was in type 2 respitory failure. I felt awfull and so tired. I recoverd slowly and 2 weeks after leaving hospital i had a clinic appointment at the Brompton. I saw a lovley consultant and i asked about transplant.. she was so nice about it, explained it to me so well and said if she was in my shoes she would go for it. This made me want to go for assesment even more,she explained it was not a cure, its risky and its swapping one set of problems for another. BUT it can lead to a much much better quality of life and longer life. Then we went on to talk about my other issues..... because we are not 100% sure what is causing all my problems we dont know that if i get new lungs, the same wont happen as it has to my own. The other side of this is that even if it did happen to my new lungs it would still improve and extend my life. It's so hard to try and make the right choices but i suppose you just have to go with your gut instincts.... right???

I will ask about it again at my next clinic, but i think i am going to wait, wait until i have my appointment with my neuro to see if we are getting or going to get any closer to a full diagnosis.

I just dream of the day i can leave the house without having to plan every detail, fill oxygen cylinders, make sure i have had enough time on my vent..... that would be bliss!!!

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