Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Eve Eve!

I have escaped from the hospital yay!!! I did end up going in as an emergency... was drowning in gunk and physio was not working so i was admitted via resus, suprise suprise. I had a really cool nurse though, so that made it a bit better. I was moved to the CF unit which made the stay a lot better, but was not there for long as a CFer had to go in for IV's too :(  Eventually My infection markers went down and i was finally allowed home 7 days later. 
I had a complication this admission which i am very annoyed, puzzled and worried about. But mum has put me at ease so hopefully it will sort itself VERY SOON! Im carrying on with the antibotics at home which i finish on Thursday :) And i feel better! :)
So Christmas should be great! Me and my sister went shopping the other day and it was SOOO BUSY! But we got what we needed and then relaxed in costa while mum got her hair done! :)
I shall leave you with pictures from my admission and a video of my room... haha i get bored as you can tell!!

Nails :)



Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2013!! I love Christmas! :)

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