Sunday, 16 December 2012

Im so Lucky.....

Well the winter is trully here, i have a cold! Well its the weirdest cold i have ever had....... had 2 days with just a sore throat and was fine. Then  woke up with a blocked nose and a belly full of air becasue my Bi-pap must of been trying to force air through my blocked nose and somehow pushed the air into my belly- dunno how that works though! So then i was really out of breath, but have been getting more and more breathless the last few months anyway so just ingored it and thought the blocked nose was an allergy or something. Then came a weird chestyness - wheezy but with crackles at the end of each breath. My mucus is a lot thicker than normal and my normal is thick as so i am completly filled with real thick gunge that does not shift!!! I have intense coughing fits which do nothing and im getting so tired now. I feel spaced out too a lot of the time too and have a temp. Im on this weird antibiotic called Moxiflocacin, which loads of nursers have never herd of - to be fair neither had i until Brompton gave it to me! Im having extra physio and im trying to do active breathing when i can to shift it, i feel so breathless i cant even eat! So feeling crappy :/ Oxygen saturations were down to 87% this morning but cough assist got them up a bit.

My best mutant friend Lucy has been looking after me though :) Love my Luc :) She is amazballs :) haha

So yea - hope i feel better tomorrow, if not i think i will go in for IV's so i can be well / out before christmas, i dont / cant be in hospital for Christmas AGAIN!

On the bright side my letter has come through from my consultant saying they cant stop my physio which is great - hopefully they will have learnt that from this bloody infection; to be honest its probably partly down to that!!!! All that crap building up brewing bugs in the bottom of my lungs that has now been infected by cold germs is gunna make the situation a lot worse for me now. Im so annoyed at them!! Grrrr haha anyways if i end up in ICU mum will get loads of money haha. SUED! :D 

Anyways I Hope you all have a fab christmas!!! and a healthy happy 2013 if the world does not end ;) lol

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