Saturday, 20 October 2012

Endoscopy and Cough Assist

Hello! Well the day after I came out of hospital with my lungs I had to go back in for a planned endoscopy. Basically its a camera put down your throat and into your stomach and the top part of your intestine. I was not allowed any sedation due to my lungs and weak respitory muscles - it would stop me breathing. So i had to do it wide awake, it was horrible to be honest but it only lasted around 4 mins and my consultant was really good. They found i had refulx, which i already knew and gastritis... not sure on the spelling but its inflamation of the stomach lining. So this may explain why i have been having tummy pain! They still want to do a scan of my colon, bowel and intestine so i am waiting for that appointment to come through.
I was in hospital while my parents were on holiday - and still are until tomorrow night and i did it all by myself, i didnt contact them or tell them i was sick because it would ruin their holiday! I am actually quite proud of myself doing it on my own, it proves i can and i can be brave when i need to be lol!!
Respironics Cough Assist
Cough Assist
One thing that has changed this time is that my cough has become a lot weaker, i cant shift anything on my own anymore. My usal chest physio now, i never bring anything up but i can feel it in the bottom of my lungs. Today the care staff told me that the physio had told them not to do my usual chest physio and just do the cough assist. I was, as you can imagine very anxious about this. My chest physio has kept me clear and well for so long i though that if i didnt have it i would get sick very quickly. But instead of my chest phyio i have been borrowing a cough assist macheine. It is great! I actually get stuff up every time i use it and it takes half the time! And i can use it everytime i get a bit rattly and it clears it, or most of it and i feel great after. I never new a macheine could actually cough so well for you! Im seriously looking at asking about getting funding for one. If it will keep me well then im going to go for it!

I have an appointment at the Brompton again on Wednesday so i will update you on the results of that.

Chloe :)


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