Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First Emergency Hospital Admission in 5 Months!

Well, I'm sitting in my hospital bed bored. Lol My pseudomonas bacteria that I have living happily in my lungs decided they would start to breed a bit more... So my lungs are now over populated with baby bacteria ;). Haha this leaves less room for air or should I say oxygen so I  feeling very breathless at the moment and my lungs feel so stiff. On the positive I know it's not a new bacteria because I don't feel that 'ill' like I do when I have a new infection so that's good news, I also had a lovely shower today so feel a lot fresher and happy. Dad is bringing me in a happy meal later as I can't stand hospital food!!

I am on the usual pseudo  IV antibiotics - ceftaz and gentamicin along with my usual oral azithromycin and inhaled Tobramycin. This lot should kick pseudomonus's ass in so it doesnt flare up again for a while! I'm on my Bi-pap and 02 but getting there! Sorry this post is a bit short, I'm so tired all the time at the moment!


Tangled  in all my wires and tubes!

Bi-Pap and nebbing.. lol

Arterial Blood Gas :(

Night time IV Gentamycin


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