Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's sad to say but money is all people care about...

This week has been so crap for me to say the least. My college - Treloars, yes i am going to name and shame because something needs to be done about it!! Anyway back to whats happened, basically i got really chesty last week when i had just come out of hospital and it was pulgging my airways. If it had plugged off my airway i would not be able to breathe at all. So the house staff gave me chest physio untill the the physio arrived... which happened to take about 45mins. And because the house staff had to do physio for so long they have now said house staff cant do ANY physio on me apart from 2 mins each side each morning and then the cough assist. Ok, well i have been having 10mins each side of my chest for as long as i can remember. And suddenly im told on Friday i am not allowed any........ So as you can imagine i was quite shocked about this - willing to give it a go as it would be great not to have it every night and morning! But suprise suprise aster 2 days with no physio i was drowning.... i could not breathe and the staff were refusing to do anything about it. I went to the Health Centre and they said i was fine, i told them that if we waited i would get a lot worse but they did not listen. And as i predicted i was a lot worse, SATS had dropped 8% lower and i really could not catch my breath. The on call physio came out and was Amazing - cleared me with physio, suction and cough assist and my SATS were perfect after! I was so happy she agreed with me about the physio and that if i had had it i would not of been in this horrible situation.
Anyway my physio came and told me that my usual physio does nothing for my lungs (yea right!) and i was NOT FUNDED FOR THE CARE STAFF TO SPEND TIME DOING IT!!! i was fuming.... so angry and upset that Treloars dont care if the students get sick because they are not funded for an extra 40mins a day to make sure their lungs are clear!! I really cant say how scared i am to be here right now to be honest! There are lots of things wrong with this place, too many to list!
............ Ok rant over! But i do have a few AMAZING staff members that i can trust and i know they will not let anything happen to me :) One of them is leaving and im sure she wont mind me wiritng this but i will really miss our chats! she always knows when there is something up and always manages to get it out of me which makes me feel loads better!!!

So to summerise Treloars is a business and buisnesses are out to make money = End Of. - its a sad but true fact. They just want to make money which makes the staff as well as students suffer....

Ok moan over.... LOL i am determind to fix this problem but unitl then..... i shall try and keep quiet - i am already in trouble !!! haha

At this place i get into trouble for speaking my mind and the truth, and i get into trouble if i dont... so i cant win!!! But i do love my friends and the independace i get here, so i have to weigh it up...................................................

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