Monday, 5 November 2012

Half Term :)

Well i had a great half term and am now back at College :/ lol
On Monday I went to the Harry Potter Studio tour with my family which was amazing!! I love Harry Potter so i thought it was fab! We all went out for dinner at the Harvester after and it was a great family day out! I even had butter beer again, which made me rememebr the time i went with Paige, Kate and Craig from College and Paige dropped her butter beer all over the floor and had to get another one! LOL only Paige could do that! haha

Me and My sister with the Death Eaters..

Me and My sis


On Tuesday i had to go for a CT Scan of my stomach. I have a PICC line so i thought they would just put the contrast dye through there.... how wrong was i!! I had 3 stabbs and 3 canulars later and they got one in! The reg on call had to come and put it in! I was brused and so sore! I had forgotten how much canuals sting in your hand!! oucheee lol!!! I dont think i will take having a perminant line for granted any more! Thank God i have one!! The canual they got in was a small blue one, the pink ones would not go in my pathetic veins, i remember when they could only get yellow ones in! (the ones they use on prem babies!)  So the scan was quite quick i think and the dye felt all warm and tingly as it goes through your body! And it makes you feel like you wet yourself !!! While we were waiting my sister decided to put some rubber gloves on her feet..... and walked up to the ward with them on and my sister and my carer got told of for peeking into the scanning view room where they would of been able to see my insides! But they got told off before they could see :( never mind theres always next time!! I dont get the results untill 2 more weeks when i see my surgeon, so fingers crossed they found out whats wrong!

The rest of half term week was good, i went to Portsmouth shopping and Jamie Olivers Italian with my sister and my carer which was great as i had never been before!! I was great to be at home, see my cat ;) ans just chill and do nothing and sleep!! I have lots of appointments coming up so will post about those next!

Chloe :)

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