Sunday, 18 November 2012


Well.... i have been really busy with college work and i should really be doing coursework right now but that can wait a bit. My lungs have been a lot more productive the last few weeks and i think its probably down to less physio - my college will only do it once a day for 5 mins because the 10mins each lung twice daily takes 'too much time'! So i have argued and cried and argued and not got anywhere even though it cause me to need to go in for IV's a few weeks ago! I have found a way to clear some of it myself without getting too breathless, i do lots of deep breathes follwed by huffs and after about 15mins i usually get a good result haha. So i am being more proactive in stopping my lungs get worse but i still think its wrong that they wont do it.

Anyway my sister has decided to dye her hair pink, its mums birthday next week and im gett my new motorbility car on Friday!! So i have no time to get sick! I am more breathless these days and i am kind of fed up with it, plus my morning and evening nebs (all 4 of them) take ages so i have treated myself to a new pari neb!

Its small, plugs into the mains and is portable so now can have my TOBI faster. I used to do my TOBI in my eflow but it makes me cough so much and tastes foul so i have to put it through my old banger neb from peads that RBH gave to me when i was like 13! So when this comes on Tuesday my treatment should be a lot quicker :)

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