Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Toe Trouble...

I seriously cant get a weeks peace! haha
I have got an infection in my big toe :( lol And because of my diabetes and low immune system i have to watch it really carefully and im now on more antibiotics to add to my usual daily ones! It actually hurts a lot for such a small body part! haha So yea..... thats a bit of excitment lol who gets a bloody toe infection LOL. Anyways i have to get the dressing changed daily and yea haha.....

Other things going on, i getting my car on Saturday :D so excited, i will be able to go home / out more with my sister and im really happy about this as i miss her LOADS! I will also be able to go and see my best friend Amy at her lil place in Uxbridge (no sure on the spelling!?!) where shes at uni :) cant wait to see her again, miss her all the time too! Love her like a sister <3

The new Car that i can just drive my chair into.

I'm still feeling so tired all the time, and my lungs ache sooo much these days! Hopefully RBH clinic will come around quickly to discuss transplant assessments....

OMG im going to see Nativity 2 on Sat, it will be amazing as i loved the first one too! haha

BYE!! :)

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