Thursday, 22 November 2012


Just A Rant to get it off my chest... quite literally!!

When you have any chronic illness it takes a lot for you to actually tell people you need help.
Just now i told someone i needed help in my unique way... lol I said if i can't have my nebs now i will die, as a joke but it also has a serious point. When i say i need physio or nebs, i do. End of. And being told to stop giving all that 'dying' crap and the person walking off really does not help. But also puts me off wanting to ask for help again. And this so called carer is supposed to be my Key Worker..... never gunna happen now lol!

OK rant over - and im fine :)

This Place does stress me out Soooo Much but the good bits are so worth the horrible bits! I love my friends and some care stuff soo much its worth it in the end!

*Edit*  (- the day after)
Last Night The amazing staff sorted me out with physio and cough assist and sats went from 91% on oxygen and Bi-pap to 99%!!! amazing how much mucus can make your lungs worse! - Cant acutally thank them enough for clearing it! Happy Bunny :)

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